Who are we?

Enric Dalfó installers is an electricians' business with more than 22 years old and more than 28 years in experience about the sector.

We dispose of certificate cards from the Ministry of Industry and Electricity (professional category), plumbing, heating, air conditioned, gas, diesel-powered tanks and handling of refrigerant gas.

  • Our workers are always professional, qualified and responsible.
  • We always work with quality materials duly qualified with the best trades that give us the best guarantees.
  • We dispose of a wide range of specific and professional tools for each work demanded.
  • Updating us every day about new regulations, new materials and new technologies, doing courses and continual training in "Gremi d'Instal.ladors de Girona", which has one of the best technic installations from all the installers in the state level.
  • A great sense of responsibility, dealing with emergency services the sooner we can, to make our customers feel secure and comfortable. Because for us, our costumers comfortability is the most important thing.